Ex Kukri Dawn

The two-week exercise was highly successful and provided a great training opportunity for both the students on the OCU and the user units that were supported.

The students found themselves operating in a new environment and adapted to the challenge well. This was the first time that they had been tasked with moving troops and actively conducting what will soon become the ‘bread and butter’ of their future careers. The exercise saw the crews introduced to new skills such as pairs tasking and their first exposure to mountain flying around Snowdonia. The wide range of conditions kept them on their toes throughout and forced them to stay flexible and adapt to changing situations. They took this in their stride throughout and the challenges provided great training benefit and learning opportunities for all.

Working with a variety of Defence units such as the RAF Regiment, the Leeming Mountain Rescue Team and the Infantry Training School at Catterick, the students found themselves conducting a whole plethora of taskings. This included everything from moving underslung loads such as Land Rovers and ammunition crates, to covert mountain dropoffs for CASEVAC taskings within contested territory, and many more. Furthermore, it provided the user units a fantastic opportunity to gain familiarisation with the Chinook platform and prepared them to work in harmony within an operational environment. The accomplishment of the Exercise was a testament to the hard work carried out in preparation for and assisting the deployment. The support provided by 28 Sqn Engineering was exceptional; with the serviceability and number of flying hours conducted speaking for itself! The Ex would also have not been possible if it weren’t for the hard work conducted by countless 28 Sqn support personnel throughout.