Ex Kernow Eagle

RAF Logistics personnel at Benson were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to partake in a week of adventure training located at RAF St Mawgan, through the RAF Eagle scheme.

The week’s objectives were focused on mental resilience, reflection and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and learning about our limits. Personnel were split into 3 groups of 6 due to COVID restrictions and took part in a variety of activities down in Newquay.

Activities ranged from coasteering, paddle boarding and meditation, surfing/surfing education, life guarding and indoor climbing. Despite a rather windy end to the week, many personnel managed to complete at least 2 water-based activities, with the last day consisting off indoor climbing and surfing education.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the activities and felt they were pushed mentally and physically, whilst learning that they can strive beyond their limits and mental barriers.

Reflecting upon the week, personnel felt that coasteering was the most challenging and enjoyable activity. Alongside coasteering everyone felt that the opportunity to learn life guarding was amazing and a great skill to have moving forward. The week has highlighted the importance of partaking in Adventure Training, as it allowed people from different sections to interact and challenge themselves with a common interest. It also provided people the opportunity to mentally recharge, understand their mental limits and to experience what the RAF can offer.

It was an amazing week with a great group and memories were made for life.

By SAC Phoebe Oreshko.