Station Commander Presents Awards

On 25 April 2018, RAF Benson’s Station Commander, Group Captain Hamish Cormack, presented medals and commendations to our thoroughly deserving personnel.

The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (RAF) is awarded in recognition of long service and irreproachable character and conduct to airmen who have completed 15 years’ reckonable service, are worthy of distinction and whose conduct has been irreproachable throughout their Service. Medals were awarded to: Flight Lieutenant Claire Graham, Sergeant Anthony Higbee, Corporal William Crooks, Corporal Andrew Holding, Corporal Stuart Steele, and Senior Aircraft woman Donna Cairns.

The Clasp to the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (RAF) is awarded in recognition of a further 10 years reckonable Service with irreproachable character and conduct to airmen who have been awarded the RAF Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. The Clasp was awarded to: Flight Sergeant Scott Drinkel, Flight Sergeant Kevin Jones, Flight Sergeant Andrew Luscombe, Flight Sergeant Anthony Watts, Chief Technician Simon Hammond, Sergeant Mark Boyne, and Sergeant Mark Dunbar.

A 2nd Clasp to the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal along with the Meritorious Service Medal was presented to Warrant Officer Trevor Fenner for his dedication and commitment to the Service over his illustrious 38-year career. He has provided an excellent level of assurance to the Station Commander that millions of pounds’ worth of equipment has been correctly managed and accounted for. Group Captain Hamish Cormack said; ‘The Meritorious Service Medal is not just a thank you at the end of a long career; the bar is set very high, and it’s very humbling to hear what has been achieved for WO Fenner to be awarded with one. Magnificently deserved and huge congratulations!’.

Operational Service Medals with Afghanistan Clasp, which are presented for 30 days’ service in Afghanistan, were presented to: Flight Lieutenant Frank Gmitrowicz, Corporal Mark Hogg and Senior Aircraftman Richard Howe.

Addressing the gathered personnel, colleagues and families following the awards ceremony, Group Captain Hamish Cormack said: ‘Behind the Long Service Medal and the Clasp to the Long Service Medal is not only a huge amount of commitment and work, but also sacrifice, often from families and friends; to pause and recognise that is genuinely important. Similarly, for those being awarded a campaign medal, in this case for Afghanistan, particularly at a time when lots of people think we have left, it is fitting that we take the time to support and remember what it means and more importantly, for me to say thank you, to you.’

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