Benson Mountain Bike Club

“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

And to keep moving, we in the Benson MTB club like to ride our bicycles! Not only do we like to ride our bikes but we want everyone to really get the most out of riding one. And don’t worry, you don’t even need to own one, so please read on!
Our February Expedition saw 8 Benson personnel of all ranks, trades and experience ride the trails of North Wales. Spread over two days and based at the Capel Curig Adventurous Training Centre, we first rode out to the Marin trail, well known in the MTB community as the first man made trail in the UK, it’s a real test for even an experienced rider. The second day involved a short drive to the trail centre at Llandegla. Although a strong wind was blowing it was the perfect location for really letting off the brakes and putting a rider through their paces. Its café also gets an A*.

This is only a small slice of what our club has to offer. We want to make mountain biking accessible to everyone, the casual commuter, dedicated road riders, downhill hero’s and the ‘I can ride a bike’ and fancy a go rider.
Benson is absolutely the perfect place to start out and backed by a team of experienced qualified instructors and leaders; Richie, Chris, Ian and Benson’s SPOTY most valued person, Tim, to name a few. You will have the support and instruction to achieve, improve and have a really good laugh.
You want to organise adventurous training for your section? No problem. We can signpost and guide you through the process. Most recently we led a group of 12 personnel from 33 Sqn to Swinley forest. The group’s abilities varied but everyone finished the day with a smile on their face, a story to tell and some new skills. That’s what we really enjoy, watching a rider progress in confidence and just have a great time, and you experienced riders out there may even be able to teach us a thing or two so get on board!

Watch the sports and social page for upcoming rides. Get our contact details from the gym and we hope to see you on the trails soon!

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